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Tuna, tuna and more tuna in Puerto Escondido

18 Jun

Last night as I sat down to the best seafood meal I had since arriving in Puerto Escondido, I realized I had forgot my camera and had no way of capturing the feast set before me. Here’s the rundown of my seafood experiences in Puerto:

Sabor de Mar – Incomparable views & the best seafood

Sabor de Mar is recommended by the guide books as the best seafood in Puerto – so while I tend to avoid places frequented by tourists, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that there are TWO restaurants that go by this name – one at each end of the beach. So the first night I had a terribly overcooked, tough piece of fish absolutely covered in thick white sauce. You’ll want to avoid the “Sabor de Mar” at the end of the Playa Principal and head instead to the Sabor de Mar at the other end of the beach (Playa Marinero). You’ll know you have the right one because it has the best view of the surfers and the waves crashing over the rocks. The feast started with tostadas and some kind of tuna mixture accompanied by a red sauce and a creamy sauce as a complimentary appetizer. I ordered the filete of fish “con ajillo” (tons of garlic and some chili and oil). While the serving of veggies was small, the 2 filetes were sizable and definitely worth the $95 pesos it cost for the whole meal.

Pascal – French restaurant with romantic atmosphere

Pascal is a place you probably want to go with someone special. The couple next to me seemed to really be enjoying themselves but the table by candlelight and the whole setting felt a little odd to me as a single traveler. Two things were unimpressive about this place. The first was that I kept hearing the microwave going off when they were preparing my food which was a good sign that it was not going to be freshly made. Second, the plate came out with a variety of bite size vegetable based dishes (all of which must have been heated in the microwave) when I really would have preferred one larger helping of fresh veggies. The tuna portion was very generous but I don’t have enough experience eating tuna that is properly cooked (ie. slightly raw inside) to comment. As a prairie girl, raw fish will probably always make me nervous so I won’t be hurrying back here. However, the owner was extra friendly and invited both my lonely table and the couple beside me to stay for tequila afterwards.

Tuna at Pascals








Danny’s Terrace – Give it a miss

This story doesn’t start with tuna – but ultimately ends with some. I decided to try a new dish and ordered eggs Oaxacan style – which is essentially supposed to be beaten eggs, lightly fried with some homemade tomato sauce on top. The eggs at Danny’s were one big greasy mess (I wondered if somehow they had possibly deep fried them?) and topped with runny sauce and cheese. I managed a few bites – the health freak inside of me absolutely screaming at me the whole time. I paid for my meal and left most of it there. Disappointed I started home wondering about peanut butter on rice cakes – and I passed a supermarket. At $11 pesos, lunch turned out to be tuna from a can on rice cakes, tomatoes and a squeeze of lime. Not the best – but a lot better than Danny’s.